Local area around Water Mill House Care Home

There are many reasons why you may consider making Water Mill House your new home, and the local area surrounding your chosen care home is sure to play a key part in this important decision. Here we have included helpful information about Hemel Hempstead, the local area, and the towns and villages that surround Water Mill House to showcase the wealth of local attractions and things to do in this area.

Water Mill House Care Home is located in Hemel Hempstead, and welcomes residents from many other surrounding areas including:

Abbots Langley

Abbots Langley is a small village near Watford in Hertfordshire. Water Mill House is very close by and easily accessible by road. If you are looking for dementia care accommodation near Abbots Langley, then Water Mill House is an ideal choice.

To get to Water Mill House from Abbots Langley: take Gallows Hill Lane and the A4251 on to Red Lion Lane where you will find Water Mill House Care Home. The journey takes around 10 minutes by car.


Thanks to the M25, Amersham is within easy reach of Hemel Hempstead and Water Mill House Care Home. Amersham is within the Chiltern district of Buckinghamshire and has a very rich and involved community spirit. There are any local events held seasonally in Amersham making it a lovely location for a day out with a loved one residing in a care home near Amersham.

To get to Water Mill House Care Home from Amersham: follow signs for the A404 and follow until you can join the M25. Exit the motorway on to the A4251 and turn on to Nash Mills Lane, which will turn into Red Lion Lane, where you’ll find Rose Lane and Water Mill House.


Apsley is a small village in Hemel Hempstead, just over a mile away from Water Mill House. Like many of the small villages around Hemel, Apsley was a mill village in the 19th century. Today, many of the Victorian buildings still stand but are now shops, pubs, and cafes. Water Mill House is an easy choice for a care home near Apsley thanks to its close proximity, it’s even within walking distance. To get to Water Mill House from Apsley simply follow the A4251 and turn left on the Red Lion Lane, and then Rose Lane.


Aylesbury is a large town in Buckinghamshire, just under 20 miles east of Hemel Hempstead. The town has a bustling centre and is a great place for a day out with a loved one residing at a care home near Aylesbury such as Water Mill House. If you enjoy shopping, you’ll love spending the day here, the market meets along the cobbled streets of the town four days a week and there are many quirky independent shops to see.

Aylesbury has a train station and excellent transport links into London and to Water Mill House Care Home. To get to the nearby care home: take the A41 and then the A4251 into Hemel Hempstead, turning onto Red Lion Lane, and then Rose Lane.


Berkhamsted is an historic town along the A41 between Hemel Hempstead and Tring. As it is just 7.1 miles from Water Mill House, many residents chose to reside here as it is a care home close to Berkhamsted. There are some nice local attractions and places of interest in Berkhamsted including Whipsnade Wild Animal Park, and monuments such as the Ivinghoe Beacon and Berkhamsted Castle.

Berkhamsted is seven miles from Water Mill House, and easily accessible along the A41.


On the outer edge on North London, Borehamwood is in Southern Hertfordshire and is around 15 miles from Hemel Hempstead. The town is well known for being the home of Elstree Film and TV Studios. Due to its proximity to London Borehamwood has excellent transport links by rail, road, and bus. By road, to get to Water Mill House: take the M25 until you see the exit for the A4521, then you will drive onto Red Lion Lane, and will easily see Rose Lane and Water Mill House Care Home.

There are many things to do in the local area if you are looking for a care home near Borehamwood. If you fancy a stroll you can visit Aldenham Country Park in nearby Elstree, or have a nice relaxing meal in one of the many pubs and cafes.


Bushey is in the Hertsmere area of Hertfordshire and is very close to Watford. Bushey is also at the edge of the London Borough of Harrow, providing excellent transport links. At just under 10 miles from Hemel Hempstead, Water Mill House is a care home near Bushey offering excellent residential care, respite care, and dementia care for the elderly.

Despite its city connections, Bushey has managed to retain its ‘small town’ feel and is an ideal location for a peaceful day out from the care home. Take a gentle walk around Bushey Heath and feed the ducks that float along Warren Lake.

To get to Water Mill House from Bushey: take the A41 on to Watford Road (A4251) and follow this onto Red Lion Lanes (Rose Lane).


West of Hemel Hempstead across the border in Buckinghamshire is the pretty town Chesham. Visiting this historic town, you will want to take in the local landmarks: the clock tower and the war memorial. The Clock Tower was erected in 1992, to mark the site of the 18th-century town hall; parts of the clock face and mechanism are from the original town hall clock. The War Memorial is a tribute to those who fell during both World Wars and was unveiled in 1921.

Thanks to its close proximity to Hemel Hempstead, Water Mill House can be considered as a care home near Chesham and is within easy distance to commute and visit your loved ones who require residential nursing care. To get to Water Mill House from Chesham: take the A416 and A41 on to the A4251 until you find Red Lion Lane.


This little village is in between Hemel and Watford at the edge of the Chiltern Hills. Water Mill House is a care home near Chipperfield, just follow the A4251 on to Red Lion Lane, the journey should only take around 7 minutes as it is just 3 miles away.

Chorley Wood

Like Chipperfield, Chorleywood is another small village further south west of Hemel Hempstead. Although small, Chorleywood has very good transport links thanks to its closeness to the M25, and its own train station.

Watermill House Care Home is within easy distance of this village, and an ideal choice for those looking for a suitable care home in Chorleywood. To get to Water Mill House from Chorleywood: take the M25 until you can exit the A4251, following red Lion Lane on the Rose Lane.

Gerrards Cross

This little village is in the South Bucks area of Buckinghamshire. Gerrards Cross is 15 miles from Hemel Hempstead, and Water Mill House regularly welcome residents from this area who are looking for care homes near Gerrards cross

To get to Hemel Hempstead from Gerrards Cross: take the M25 until you can exit the A4251, following red Lion Lane on the Rose Lane.


Harpenden is a short distance away from Hemel Hempstead, within the Roman city of St Albans. Harpenden is a popular commuter town and has direct rail connections to London and of course, excellent road links to London and to Water Mill Care Home, making it an ideal choice for those searching for care homes near Harpenden.

Harpenden is a lovely green town, with plenty of parks and open spaces including Lydekker Park, Porters Hill Park, Batford Springs Local Nature Reserve and Westfield Recreation Ground. The Harpenden Common is also a beautiful place for a picnic. Town events are also a big draw for locals and those visiting Harpenden for the day; the Farmer’s Market is held on the 4th Sunday of every month and you can pick up local meats, cheeses, fruit and vegetables, and fresh bread and delicious cakes.

To get to water Mill House from Harpenden: take the A1081 onto the A4147 into Hemel, taking the 2nd exit at the roundabout on to Red Lion Lane.

Kings Langley

Just down the road, two miles south of Hemel Hempstead is Kings Langley, in the Three Rivers District of Hertfordshire. We hope that should you require a care home in Kings Langley, that you will consider Water Mill House.

St Albans

St Alban’s is a Cathedral City with a long past dating back to Roman times. The lush green parks coupled with the charming shops and popular market make it a lovely location for a day out from your care home near Sty Albans.

Visit the St Albans Cathedral or take a leisurely walk around Heartwood Forest. There are also plenty of shops to browse, and the popular Farmer’s Market takes place every second Saturday opposite the St Albans Town Hall.

As you would expect from a city, St Albans has very efficient transport links to the surrounding areas and is only 6 miles from Water Mill Care Home, a journey which takes around 15 minutes by car. Simply take the A416 on to Blackwater Lane, and follow Bunkers Lane onto red Lion Lane, where you will find Rose Lane and the Care Home.